FIRST Lego league mentoring

WolfByte has been mentoring FLL teams since 2016. Currently we mentor three FLL teams, from two local middle schools- Chicago Jesuit Academy and Ascension Catholic School. We meet with our FLL teams once a week each in the fall to guide the grade school students through the process of creating their own successful robots.

We would love to help other grade schools start their own FLL teams! Reach out to us at wolfbyte5822@gmail.com if you are interested. 

Middle School open house

Last December, we hosted our first ever "Middle School Open House." We invited local middle schoolers and their families to our build space to participate in stations that taught them about each of the different robotics sub-teams. We taught the visitors about the basics of coding, wiring, and construction, and it was overall a great time for everyone! We plan to host the Middle School Open House again next December.

Middle school visits

We love inviting guests into our build space and showing them our engineering process! During this past build season, we invited both of our FLL teams, CJA and Ascension into our build space. We showed them what it's like to participate on a high school-level robotics team and we let them drive our robot around!

We would love to bring other FLL teams or middle schools into our build space. Contact us at wolfbyte5822@gmail.com if you are interested. 

Summer camp

During past summers, WolfByte has brought students from Saint Ignatius's LEGO robot camp into our build space. This upcoming summer we are excited to be hosting our first ever summer camp! The camp will run for 6 weeks from [DATES] and will mock FRC time lines. Campers will work together and learn the entire process of creating a robot from prototyping to competing. More information can be found [WHEREVER INFORMATION IS FOUND].

women in stem

WolfByte is committed to helping make the STEM field more diverse. Our team has a 40/60 girls to boys ratio.

Our team is well involved in the school community and with other Ignatius clubs. This past fall, we partnered with the Girl's in STEM Club in a tour of UIC's makerspace. Members of both clubs had the opportunity to learn from UIC students and professors about what it's like to pursue an engineering degree in college.

past Initiatives

During the Covid pandemic and when in-person contact was limited, we had to adapt our outreach. To show appreciation for our first responders, we donated personal protective equipment. We used our 3D printed to print face shields and we donated our extra safety goggles.

We also taught online coding lessons to students at Galileo Scholastic Academy of Math and Science during Covid.  

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