Construction deals with the main structure of the robot. The framework is designed and built by the team. It starts with the preliminary buildings of the game elements out of wood. Then, for the rest of the season, we lead the process of designing and building the robot. 


The coding team makes code for the robot's autonomous during the first 15 seconds of the game. The coding team also creates code so that the controller can control the robot correctly. 


Electrical controls all of the wiring, batteries, motors, pneumatics, and anything that relates to distributing power to the robot is done by the electrical team.

CAD (Computer aided Design)

Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture is a crucial part of the design process for the Wolfbyte robot. We use computer software in order to fabricate 3D printed parts and a 3D model of the complete robot assembly. 

Pr (public relations)

PR built this website! PR works on everything related to our public image and relationship with the community. This includes everything from our socials (Instagram and TikTok), merch, sponsorships, and award applications.


Scouting deals with the data analysis and development of strategies for matches during competitions. This then helps us with picking teams for alliances and understanding the skills of other robots and drive teams.


Everyone is a member of the safety! The safety team leader makes sure that everyone is using equipment safely and with the right protection, as well as cleaning up the work area.