WolfByte 5822

Who is WOlfByte?

WolfByte is a student-led FIRST robotics team. FIRST is a worldwide organization that promotes STEM education from grade school to high school students in three different levels: FIRST Lego League, FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). WolfByte competes in FRC, focused on creating, building, and programming large robots. FRC teaches independence and encourages students to develop their own, creative ideas.

WolfByte at the Boiler Bot Battle Off-Season Competition

Our vision for 2023

Our overarching goal is to win the regional competitions, including the Midwest (UIC) and the Wisconsin Regional (Milwaukee) FRCs. For the upcoming season, we are working on implementing mechanum drive terrain and reducing brown-outs.

WolfByte at the 2023 FRC Kickoff Event!


You can find us on Instagram & TikTok!

Instagram: wolfbyte5822 

TikTok: wolfbyte5822 

Youtube: WolfByte Team 5822 Saint Ignatius Robotics